Friday, September 23, 2005


I'm pretty convinced that no-one reads these things. I'm sure that no-one has the time. I don't really have the time to read anyone elses. I don't really have time to write my own.

I'm on holiday this week. I'd just finished a week of nights. Seven12 hour night shifts in a row. Inhuman.

I did get some time to read. I read Jonathon strange and mr norrell by susanna clark (sorry about spelling - tired - might edit it later). That book is cool. A decent read and it's obvious that she made an effort to create the world for the book. Hope she writes something else - doesn't have to be a follow-up.

Also just finished anansi boys by neil gaimen. Very good book again. Short. Like terry pretchett or robert rankin or douglas adams. Read it yourself. I liked it.

Curremtly reading collected early writings of PJ O'Rourke and a book called planet simpson. Both seem good. May write about them another time. Studying for professional exams in january. Lot of fun


Does anyone read this stuff? Enquiring mind would like to know