Sunday, April 06, 2008

Red tape makes me want to scream

I hate paperwork. I hate pen-pushers. I hate jobsworths. I hate filling in forms.

Thankyou and goodnight

Black Sheep - DVD

This is a low-budget horror film from New Zealand about mutant killer sheep. I enjoyed it. You might too.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Holy Fuck live at Stereo, Glasgow

So my mate called me and asked me if I wanted to go and see Holy Fuck at the new Stereo club. I'd heard of them but I'd never actually heard their music. Neither had my friend. We both expected them to be noise-rock but we were pleasantly surprised.

The new Stereo club is on Renfield lane, just around the corner from Central Station in Glasgow across the road from the Truffle Club. Upstairs is a restraunt which I plan to check out at some point. The customers were all too-cool-for-school indie kids of the sort that always make me smile. I've always thought that I'm exceptionally cool myself.

We managed to get in despite the show being sold out. The first band was Free Blood featuring one of the singers from !!!. Free Bird are a boy girl duo who sing over a programmed backing track. The bass on the first song was so loud that I thought my upper respiratory tract was going to collapse. It might not be a good idea to see this band if you have brittle asthma. Their set was ok.

At that point I braced myself for a brutal noise rock set from Holy Fuck. What I got was a brutal electro-dance set from Holy Fuck which was a surprise but nice all the same. Holy Fuck are four hairy guys - one drummer, one bass player and two keyboard players - who jump about with lots of old Casio keyboards. Their music made me think of Vanishing Point era Primal Scream and one of my friends mentioned Neu! (pronounced 'noi' if you are cool and 'new' if you are from East Kilbride). They played for about 40 minutes and they reminded me of good British dance music from about 15 years ago.

In the end it was a good night. 8 quid well spent. I might check out a Holy Fuck album at some point.