Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kickass the comicbook by Mark Millar

I've just read the last issue of 'Kick-ass' by Glasgow's own Mark Millar. It's pretty damn good. It's the story of a teenage boy who decides to become a superhero in the real world. It's violent and funny. On the back of 'Wanted' it was grabbed for cinema adaption before the comic was even finished.

Can't wait to see the film...

Homeopathy is pish

I'm sure most people realise that homeopathy is pure bollocks. As I passed though Central Station in Glasgow yesterday I saw an anti-homeopathy protest group. They were planning to take a mass-overdose of homeopathic medications to prove that these medicines have no effect.

Pretty cool idea.

You may think that all this homeopathy stuff is harmless but apparently the NHS spends £4million on this useless shite every year. That's £4million of my tax money. Bastards. I also object to private companies making a profit from the misery of people who don't know that they are being ripped off.

Avatar film review

I was a bit cynical about Avatar when I first heard about it. It looked a bit shit. Why would I want to see a 3D remake of Ferngully? Who would want to see CGI smurfs?

Everyone that saw the film said it was good. It was doing well at the box office. I felt my life would be lacking if I didn't see it so I went last week. It was great.

I had to wear contact lenses so that I could watch in 3D. I'm glad I did because the experience was good. The film did look a bit cartoony at times due to the wall to wall CGI but the live-action CGI interface wasn't too bad and the 3D rocked. The story is a bit dumb but at least it has a solid anti-imperial and anti-capitalist message to it. Apparently the Awerican religious right are fucked off which is only good.

I'd go and see it again and I hope they do a sequel. As Avatar is noe the most successful film of all time they probably will.

Lax January

I've been a bit crap at writing my blog this month. There are a few reasons for that. I was a bit sick over new year with what I will describe as mind-stabbing painful exploding ass disease which the medical community would recognise as a perianal abscess. Being an idiot I didn't seek medical attention until after it exploded.

After that little adventure I had to spend a few days in bed with my friends flucloxacillin and metronidazole. Over the past six years I have prescribed these drugs to thousands of people. I think it's good to have some personal experience of these drugs. For what it's worth flucloxacillin gave me loose stools that had a funny smell and metronidazole gave me a headache and a funny taste in my mouth. They did seem to work.

Other than that work has been busy. I had some deadlines to submit a few academic things and we had a special drug trial patient that needed me to take pharmacokinetic blood samples at 3AM for a week. Life is fun as always.

Apparently 90% of blogs are never updated. I want this one to keep going for a while.