Saturday, November 27, 2010

The National live at the Glasgow Academy

I was really lucky to see this gig. It sold out in about 5 seconds. Yesterday a friend at work had a spare ticket so he let me have it for free. I was well chuffed.

I own all of the albums that The National have released. I started to listen to them when I was at medical school down south. I think the first thing I bought was 'the cherry tree' ep. They have been a fairly constant fixture on my iPod in recent years. The National have some tunes.

I've always managed to miss seeing them live. I'd heard that they were amazing but I just never made it. After tonight I really wish I'd got my finger out of my arse before this. They are a great live act and very interactive with the crowd.

Most of the expected big songs made an appearence although I don't think they played 'murder me rachel'. The Obama boosting 'fake empire' sounded great. Songs from the new album sound better live than on CD.

The singer jumped into the crowd and sang 'mr november' (I think) from somewhere in the middle of the room. Despite the crowd surfing the vocals were audible and in tune. The gig ended with an unamplified acoustic singalong that was special. Few bands could control a large Glasgow crowd that well.

I was very lucky to see this show

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Les Savy Fav - live in Glasgow Oran Mor

I got into Les Savy Fav pretty late, a few months after 'let's stay friends' was released. I caught up with their back catalogue quickly and I listen to them regularly. They write good songs.

I first saw Les Savy Fav at the Primavera festival in Barcelona. Their stage show at the festival was larger than life and perfectly suited to the arena venue. I was keen to see them in a more intimate venue in Glasgow. Oran Mor was the chosen place.

I have mixed feelings about Oran Mor. I lived in a room that overlooked the old church that became Oran Mor for a year in the mid nineties. The concert venue is the converted basement/crypt of the church. The sound isn't great and you can't easily see the stage from some parts of the room.

Les Savy Fav have an energetic live show. Singer Tim Harrington wore two comedy outfits and spent most of the gig in the crowd. He swung from the lights and spat beer over the crowd. Visually this was great and the rest of the band supplied musical muscle. Unfotunately you just don't hear much of the vocals and I like their songs.

So this was entertaining. I'd have loved it when I was 18 but I probably enjoy the CDs more.