Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 and all that

It's a new year and I don't have a hangover which is good.  I've been busy with work and I've had a bad viral infection since just before Christmas so I've not had much time or energy to update this blog.  I have done one or two interesting things that I may write about in due course but I didn't really manage to do the regular update thing over the last month or so.  I decided just to spend new year with  my family because I couldn't be bothered with Glasgow at the height of winter alcohol fuelled madness.

The past year has been busy.  I've been working in a clinical job for most of the year after spending two and a half years doing medical research.  I've been running a ward, seeing referrals and working in clinics.  I've learnt a lot and hopefully I've helped a couple of patients.  Hopefully all of this will make me a better doctor.  I've spent 11 months living in the hospital because I work 80 miles away from where I live.  The room in the hospital is a dump but it's what I need to do just now.  I should rotate back to a hospital closer to home later this year.

In a way it's good to be away from home because I have a massive leak in the roof of my flat.  One of the problems with being a flat owner in Scotland is that you need to deal with a factor who is responsible for building maintenance.  Unfortunately the factor for my  building is useless.  These arseholes are not legally regulated so they can get away with doing absolutely fuck all while charging victims lots of money.  Bastards.

So it's a new year and new stuff will happen.  Everyone will get older and the world will keep turning.  Enjoy it folks!