Tuesday, May 30, 2017

art classes

learned how to paint over a photo in art class today.  much politically motivated fun ensued

Monday, May 15, 2017

the death of a friend

I heard about the death of a friend today.  He was too young, much younger than my dad, a couple of years older than me.  He went to my school and hung about with my group of friends.  I haven't seen him for some time and I can't remember the last time I saw him.  We used to go swimming together and we used to go to the job centre together.

He had a problem with drugs and I guess that ultimately led to his death.  He started using bad drugs when he was young and even though he tried to get off the drugs many times he always slipped back. He fell in with other people I don't know and sadly he eventually died.  I'm waiting to hear more about how he died but it doesn't matter too much.  He was too young and it should not have happened.

I feel sorry for his parents and for some of my other friends who were closer to him and had known him since he was younger.  I feel sorry for him too.  His heart was in the right place.