Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from Vienna

Just got home from the World Stroke Congress in Vienna. It was basically a massive conference of 3000 experts in stroke from around the world. I'd never been to one of these things before but I had a great time. I met doctors from all over the world. I learned a wee bit and I met lots of cool people.

I'd spent a day in Vienna about 20 years ago. I remember visiting the Mozart house and little else. I had more time to soak up the atmosphere of the city this time but I probably spent too much time working.

I did eat in a restraunt in a cellar that was built in the 15th century. I had goulash. I visited the Leopold Museum and looked at some paintings by Gustav Klimt which was cool. Bought a couple of art books. Probably spent too much money.

My hotel was in a dodgy area. It was near a cannabis growing shop and a couple of porn shops. I was shitting myself walking back to the hotel every night but I didn't have any trouble. I was totally ashamed of my lack of language ability but everyone was really friendly and helpful. The local underground system was good too.

I don't really like flying and this was the first time that I had been on a plane for about ten years. I survived which was good. Still don't like planes but the whole trip was a small victory.

Probably bedtime now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Live sets at Amoeba Records

Amoeba Records is a big record shop in San Francisico. They host a lot of instore shows by bands like No Age, The Shins, TV on the Radio and Flipper. Some of these shows are released on CD.

They have a library of streamed video of some of these shows on their web site.

Check out the No Age show. I have tickets to see them at the Glasgow Art School next month and I can't wait.

Butthole Surfers live CDs

A kind soul has just made me aware of the existence of a live CD from the recent Butthole Surfers UK tour. I've just bought one.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Butthole Surfers in Glasgow

Fast week

In the past week I've turned 31 and bought a flat. I have two weddings to go to this month and a work trip to vienna.

All good.

Metallica free stuff

I used to be a big fan of metallica when I was a kid. '...and justice for all' and 'master of puppets' were two of the first tapes I ever bought and 'ride the lightening' was the first CD I bought.

I went off them with the black album.. I thought they sold out. I don't really listen to them much now but I heard a bit of the new album in Fopp today and it sounded good. I decided to check out their website and I found something cool. They have a section where you can download entire concerts for free. This is great considering their previous anti-download stance.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A snowball in hell by Christopher Brookmyre

This is the latest book by Christopher Brookmyre. I've read everything he's published and I love most of it. Having said that I took about a week to read this one and I would usually get through a Brookmyre book in 2 days (instead of eating, sleeping or socializing) so this is not his best. It's still entertaining.

Brookmyre brings back a few of his favourite characters for a greatest hits set. It has a few good riffs on celebrity and reality TV but nothing is amazingly new. I still worship at his feet but start with another book if you are a new reader. A tale etched in blood and hard back pencil is a good place to start.

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31 is worse than 30

fuck me it's true.

6 days.

I'm fucking scared