Sunday, March 18, 2018

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood by Wilkie Martin

Sometimes I like mild amusing books that don't require much thought. I like reading but sometimes I just want to unwind with a book.  I used to enjoy Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams and similar slightly skewed nonsense books with a dash of the impossible.  Wilkie Martin, whilst not (yet) up there with those great departed authors, is ploughing a similar furrow.

Hobbes is an interesting mix of old fashioned police officer, detective and slightly otherworldly person.  He has his tongue firmly in his cheek for most of the story and he is a figure of mystery.  The book has an unreliable and often misguided narrator who doesn't always know what is going on, standing in the corner, often quaking with fear as the animalistic Hobbes deals with crime in a unique manner.

Other strange characters inhabit the novel including Mrs Goodfellow, the house keeper, a ferocious black dog, a pair of ghouls, some Roman happenings and a troll.

There is more to be revealed about this world and I'll keep up with Wilkie Martin and the Unhuman book series.

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