Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Living in cupboards - medical training.

So I've been a doctor for nearly 7 years and I'm now back to living in a crappy room in a hospital miles away from home. So far I have spent two of the last seven years living in cheap, shitty rooms in hospitals in the arse end of nowhere and tonight i might be starting another two year sentence.

This is an essential element of medical training. To get a broad spectrum of experience you need to work in several units. Unfortunately the subspeciality I work in has training at national levels so if you rotate between units you will probably end up being at least 60 miles from home. I am now working on the other side of the country.

This is good in a way because I am exposed to a wide range of clinical units and I see lots of different types of clinical practice. It's bad because I can't sleep in my own bed and I'm a long way away from my family. Training as a doctor can really fuck up your life.

So I'm sitting here in a room that is probably about the same size as a prison cell. It's not warm but I'm surviving so far. I've not seen any insects yet but I am sure that they will come. The walls are tissue paper thin and I can hear every fart next door. That's life I guess.

Hopefully I'll get a decent pay check at the end of the month and that might make things a bit better.


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