Thursday, January 02, 2014


A new year. In August I'll have been working as a doctor for 10 years. I started medical school 14 years ago. Time flies.  Ten years as a doctor and I'm still a trainee. 

In the past year I've finished a doctoral degree and been appointed to an academic training job at a decent University. I've been to a couple of excellent music festivals run by ATP and I've seen some great club gigs in Glasgow. I've been a bit lax about writing in the blog sadly. I've read a few good books, I've listened to a few good records and I've read some decent comics.  I've spent time with my family which is important.

I've met a few of my heroes. Most of them didn't disappoint me. 

I've discovered Netflix. I've managed to get the Internet in my flat. I've been lucky enough to afford an iPad and a MacBook.  I'm a lucky bastard and I live in a world that my grandfather could not have imagined.  I was looking at my grandparents wedding photograph today, from London in the 1930s. They lived through two world wars and saw stuff I can't imagine. The progression of time is quite a thing really.

I watched a film that had an emotional impact on me last month. Blackfish. It was a documentary about killer whales in captivity. It's heartbreaking, see it if you can. Whales are amazing. I'm reading a book about whales at the moment. Apparently the first footage of sperm whales underwater was only shot in 1984 nearly two decades after we walked on the moon. Man has a lot to learn and needs to respect the planet.

Enough rambling bullshit. I hope anyone who takes the time to read this blog has a great year.