what's the point of this blog?

I started writing this blog to help distract me from the boredom of being a junior doctor several years ago. It is nice to be able to just post any random bullshit on the internet any time I feel like it.

This blog is mainly just about stuff I'm interested in - music, comic books, films, stand up comedy, Glasgow, politics, Neurology and medicine. I admit that I am fairly opinionated but you don't need to read anything I write. If you disagree with me, fuck off and write your own blog.

If you do like anything you read here, leave a comment or email me at

I will reply to comments. I sometimes check that email address.


I still have many of the same interests and I still write here about many of the same things.  I probably write less frequently but that's not a bad thing.

I never really check that hotmail address but you could find me on twitter @drphunkneuro