Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jerry Sadowitz live at the King's Theatre, Glasgow

People sometimes forget about Jerry Sadowitz which is wrong. In a perfect world Sadowitz would be everywhere, spreading his genius. Sadly this is not a perfect world and we don't get enough Sadowitz.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jerry Sadowitz he is a Glaswegian Jewish comedian/magician. He has been ripped off and watered down a thousand times by people like Frankie Boyle. The stand-up comedy of Sadowitz contains as much aggression as Damaged by Black Flag or Screaming at a wall by Minor Threat. He is an angry man and a funny man.

I've liked Sadowitz since I was a kid. I remember watching him on TV in the late eighties/early nineties and thinking that he was a genius. Unfortunately the conservative media in the UK think differently and it seems to be almost impossible to either buy a Sadowitz DVD or see him on TV. Life is unfair.

So I picked up a couple of tickets to see Sadowitz at his late night comedy festival show. He was great. He probably said the words 'fucking cunt' about ten times a minute for the duration of his 80 minute show. He managed to offend every liberal sensibility that I have but I still fucking loved it. Frankie Boyle can only dream of having the presence of Sadowitz. Where Boyle feels like a bully Sadowitz feels like a messiah.

I was fairly tired when I saw the show and my throat hurt from laughing so much. Sadly, my brain wasn't working quickly enough to catch all the rapid fire jokes in the show but I would love to see him again. I really hope he puts out a CD or a DVD at some point. It would be great to see some of his old TV stuff again but that may be unlikely.

Jerry Sadowitz is a fucking genius. Cunt.

His comedy is like an enema - cleansing and refreshing.

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